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Recommended Reading

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I don't believe in re-inventing the wheel. If there's a good solution out there, I believe in standing on the shoulders of giants, giving credit where credit is due, and building on what is already out there.

In that spirit, Thomas Eisenmann at HBS has put together a very comprehensive reading list on startups. So I include that below and plan to edit and add to it as time goes by.

Lean Startup Concepts
Business Model Analysis
Product Management
Customer Conversion Funnel Analysis/Optimization
B2B Selling
Public Relations
Business Development
Recruiting/Organizational Issues
More Books and Tools


  1. Another good/easy readings, I find helpful and practical on Business Development, are from Alex Taub, a Lead BD of Aviary and named NYC's Tech Entrepreneur to watch 25 under 25 by Business Insider. Check out his blog his!

  2. What a comprehensive list. Thank you very much for posting this for us.

  3. Anonymous8:43 AM

    I am absolutely loving this! I really appreciate the hard work that has been put into getting this course up and running. Three cheers to the team! :-)

  4. This is fantastic. The list is not just comprehensive but very effective as well in covering all aspects of Entrepreneurship.

  5. Folks, if you really want to read the "Four steps to the epiphany", by Steve Blank, you must order it as much as you can in advance (for this course). I waited almost one month, since the moment I've ordered it on amazon, 'till the moment i received it.

  6. Wow this list is awesome, except for a few blog posts which are missing it is complete , it is truly useful resource

  7. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Thanks for the list. But for novice like me it is really difficult to choose among. Can you more specifically list the most important ones, please? Thank you.

  8. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Thank you for the list. I hope review someone.

    Alba P. Guzmán

  9. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Awesome list. Awesome class. Awesome prof!

  10. Great list, but how do I break it down so I do experience a burnout?

  11. Nice, it was helpful

  12. Elnura5:40 PM

    Thank you for such comprehensive reading list!

  13. Thank you for superb list!

  14. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Guy Kawasaki presents 'The Art of the Start' for Informatics Ventures