Stanford campus photo from above



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Went to my first sabar lesson today. I'm hoping to make time to drum with Rambax while at MIT.

RAMBAX/MIT: About Rambax: "Rambax MIT is an ensemble dedicated to learning the art of sabar, a vibrant drum and dance tradition of the Wolof people of Senegal, West Africa. (The name 'rambax' - pronounced 'rahm-bach' - is a vocal mnemonic for a signature sabar rhythm.) In Senegal, sabars are played exclusively by griots, a caste of hereditary musicians. Sabar drum troupes perform at a variety of events, from neighborhood dance parties to baptisms, weddings, and wrestling matches."


Boston sunset skyline

Boston sunset skyline, originally uploaded by brainyark.

The view across the river from MIT. This is on my jogging route as well.

Simmons Hall

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I bike past this building twice a day on my way in to work and back. It's quite close to my apartment and I'm fascinated by it. Would love to see inside but I haven't been yet.

US 'stalling UN Guantanamo visit'

Remember when Bush was all upset because Iraq was stalling and playing games with the UN?

BBC NEWS | Americas | US 'stalling UN Guantanamo visit': "Investigators from the United Nations have accused the US of stalling over their repeated requests to visit detainees at Guantanamo Bay.
The UN says it has evidence that torture has taken at the prison amid reports that 520 inmates have had mental breakdowns.
The UN said for over a year there had been no response to its requests to check on the condition of detainees.
The Department of Defense told BBC News the UN request is being considered."


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Vegetarian Group

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Vegetarian Group: "The MIT Vegetarian Group is a very informal organization interested in vegetarian issues. Membership is free, noncommittal and comes with no requirements (being vegetarian is not a prerequisite)."

Sweet, this means I can eat fish and still join.

C.S. Lewis

I watched an interesting documentary last night on C.S. Lewis. I didn't realize he was such a staunch athiest before eventually converting to Christianity. I was surprised that the argument that finally won him over was based on desire. He started by remarking how desire was actually closely related to joy. He went on to decide that every desire had a fulfillment. If there was hunger, there was food, if there was thirst there was water. So for him, this desire for something transcendent meant that there was a God.

I was thinking on my jog today that I find this silly because I have a desire for time travel and it seems that doesn't exist. I have a desire to jump into a black hole and live to tell about it but it seems that isn't possible. I have a desire to be teleported and while they're about to develop something close, really that doesn't exist either.


Meditation 'brain training' clues

BBC NEWS | Health | Meditation 'brain training' clues: "She said that could direct researchers to a broader understanding of how meditation influences what happens in the brain when someone is deciding whether to give something their attention, and what happens when they choose not to dwell on bad news, or to calm down.
Ms Carter added: 'Buddhist monks often report that if something negative happens they are able to digest it and move on.
'People who use meditation, including the Dalai Lama have said that the ability to control and direct your thoughts can be very beneficial in terms of mental health.'"

Grocery Store Wars | Join the Organic Rebellion

Grocery Store Wars | Join the Organic Rebellion

This is really funny.


Washington DC - Mandarin Oriental hotel

Monday - Wednesday I'm off on another Neurocog Trials adventure at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington, DC.

MIT Entrepreneurs Club (E-Club) - About Us

MIT Entrepreneurs Club (E-Club) - About Us: "The E-Club was formed in 1988 to serve MIT and Harvard students, faculty, staff, alumni and select professionals. Members represent a range of experience and backgrounds including business, engineering, arts and sciences. Many MIT and Harvard startups have recruited club members as $50K team members, co-founding partners, and equity-sharing employees."


Chuck and Nirupa

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My friend Nirupa sent me this funny picture of us together!


Mrs. Hontz and Ms. Stone

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Just got back to Cambridge this afternoon from attending Grisha and Rosa's wedding over the weekend back in Marietta.

One of the highlights was getting to see two of my very favorite teachers, Mrs. Hontz and Ms. Stone, from the 5th grade and 4th grade, respectively.


Angel Groups

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Last night I went to a panel discussion that my professor was on about Angel groups . . . from the MIT Enterprise website:

You're an entrepreneur at a crucial junction in the early stage of your company. Your choices are to pull your bootstraps so tight they cut off circulation, ask the bank to further extend your loan, and deliver your elevator pitch at the next family function.

Or you can talk to an Angel.

The MIT Enterprise Forum, Inc. presents a rare insider's look into the ever increasing role of Angel Investing in early stage technologies. "Angel Groups in Action" will feature an interactive round-table discussion from a panel of experts that will help close the knowledge gap entrepreneurs and the tech community have of the practices and principles of angel investing.


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This is my new apartment in Cambridge. I like it. There's a couple pizza places across the street, so that's convenient.

MIT Stata Center

MIT Stata Center, originally uploaded by Happy Monkey.

This is the Stata Center, which I now ride my bike past every morning and evening on my way to and from campus.


Boston Sunset

Boston Sunset, originally uploaded by Happy Monkey.

Unfortunately, I can't claim this one as my own picture, but this will be close to my view this summer. I've been very lucky today in my search for office space at MIT. None was available for a new doctoral student, but the professor I'm working with is going to be out of town for much of the summer, so he gave me the wonderful gift of letting me use his office for the summer! His office window has an incredible view out across the Charles River of these buildings and many others on the other side of the river!