Stanford campus photo from above


Into the Desert!

Well, our numbers are a bit down, but we're still making our way through the more travel extensive part of the trip. We're in Jodhpur now and the climate very much indicates that we are heading into the desert. One girl has fallen ill with Denge fever (she just recovered yesterday) another may have a case of malaria, and a third sprained her ankle. The air is so dry and we are being ordered to drink 3 big bottles of Bisleri water a day. Our lecture today was on nomadic artistic traditions in Rajasthan and we got to hear some traditional music. I got the great idea to try to add some Indian music files to the webpage once I get back if that's a possibility so that you can hear some of the sounds of the places you are looking at. By the way, the sunsets here are absolutely breathtaking!


From urban to rural . . .

This is sort of a transitional point in the program. We're leaving urban India and going towards rural India (which comprises about 80% of India). Today we visited a colony of dancers who used to be nomadic, but have now settled down in one area. Tomorrow we leave Jaipur for Jodhpur, Dunlod, a three night stay in a village and then Udaipur. Not sure when I'll have email access again. This is definitely the most exciting part of the trip thus far!


Goodbye New Delhi, hello again Jaipur!

Took a bus back to Jaipur from Delhi last night and it feels like coming back home in a weird way since I actually know my way around this city! And it's so much cheaper here too. Ate dinner at this little place last night for $1 with a few of the elephants walking by on the street. It's festival time here and you can feel it in the air. We're going to a big celebration tonight that reenacts the Ramayana and then to a party at the Program Director's place. So we've got 4 days in Jaipur ahead of us!